Technology Customization

Many applications, certainly Microsoft (tm) Office products and most assistive technology products work very well right "out of the box". But most of these products provide resources to customize many of the functions/features.

Jaws Customization

When used with most popular applications, JAWS® screen reading software provides you with screen information for the application you are using. The information that tells JAWS how to behave is contained within a set of “default files.” These default files, created by Freedom Scientific, are provided with JAWS. Unfortunately, not all applications are the same. Therefore, information telling JAWS how to behave in these applications is contained in a set of “application-specific files.” These files must be "customized" to provide the correct speech/Braille output.

The most powerful of the features--and most commonly used for proprietary workplace programs is Jaws scripting.

JAWS customization can provide blind employees:

Assistive Technology Hardware and Software

Most assistive technology products work well out of the box for general uses. These products frequently allow custom solutions to need a specific need. OSET specialist can help customize these products and train the end-user/support staff to maintain the customization. Of course, OSET also provides on-going technical support as needed.

Productivity Software

Most productivity software products, such as Microsoft (tm) Office, offers advanced features which can improve accessibility and--more importantly--offer features which can improve productivity. OSET specialists can help design and train these features to end-users and/or support staff.

What We Can Do For You:

Our trained technicians can either customize your products or train your support staff to do the customization.

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